Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Physics Newsleter

Dear parents and students of Grade 9

We are fast approaching the end of the school year.
I believe everyone is looking forward having a fun summer. Here are some updates from Physics class.
We have completed light and sound units. After assessing the students comprehension I was satisfied with their level. Most of the students met the objectives of these units. The final assessment for the Sound unit will be on Tuesday June 6.
Meanwhile we've started another unit "Electricity". This will be combination of Electrical circuits and Electricity units since they are mainly related to each other.
I am aware of that there is not much time before the term tests so we will continue beginning of next year with the parts which we may not cover.
We've completed almost all the units within this year. In Nov-Oct session of next year students will be taking IGCSE science exams. So I am planning to spend the first couple of months (until the exams) with revision and practicing past papers.

Last but not the least the term tests will be after 2 weeks. You will be informed with the schedule of each subject's exam. However I would like to inform you that this final term test will include all the topics we covered since the beginning of the year.
Here is the list:

TopicSub topic
P1. Motion
P2. Matter and forces
2.1 Mass and weight
2.2 Density
2.3 Effects of forces
P3. Energy, work and power3.1 Energy
3.2 Energy resources
3.3 Work
3.4 Power
P4. Simple kinetic molecular model of matter4.1 States of matter
4.2 Molecular model
4.3 Evaporation
P5. Matter and thermal properties
P6. Transfer of thermal energy6.1 Conduction
6.2 Convection
6.3 Radiation
6.4 Consequences of energy transfer
P7. Waves7.1 General wave properties
P8. Light8.1 Reflection of light
8.2 Refraction of light
8.3 Thin converging lens
P9. Electromagnetic spectrum
P10. Sound
P11-12 - Electricity

I wish everyone good luck!!!

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