Wednesday, December 14, 2016

G9 JNL newsletter

Dear G9 Parents,
JNL news letter of December
By Mr. Higa

The students studied the topics below until the end of Autumn term.

"The interesting article and presentation"
During mid term break, they read a Japanese book. After the break, they created article of book which they like, and they presented books. The reviews are showed in a Japanese classroom. So, when you come to school, please enjoy to read them.

This topic is about how to use many media. They were thinking and analyzing the feature of media.

"Japanese words, Chinese words, Foreign words which are used in Japanese"
They studied these topics, and made their own worksheet. This study gave them more vocabularies and bring them to Japanese language history.

"Short poem"
This short poem is called Haiku, which was started to make more than 1000 years ago. They studied many types of Haiku, then they enjoyed to make their creative Haiku.

"Critical words"
They studied the critical words, how to analyze and how they can improve their critical thinking skills.

"Takase boat"
This is a short story which was written almost 100 years ago. The topic of story is Life and Death. They compared characters' and students' values of Life and Death.

In January, we will study 2 short stories according to the text book, and "Comparing newspaper articles"
And I am also planning to have a mid-term test on the start of February.
I will let them know about the details in January.
During winter break, they have a homework which is to write "Book review".
They can write it about any Japanese books but not comic one.

I appreciate you for the big cooperation and we could make this term great.
If you have any concerns or question, please feel free to ask me.

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