Thursday, October 20, 2016

G9 JNL News Letter

Dear G9 Parents,
JNL news letter of October
By Mr. Higa

In October, the students studied the topics below

-"The efficient speech"
They presented according to some situation. They chose efficient ways to explain in the situations. The topic was something related with their roots.

-"The origin of Moon"
This academic topic is how to inquire logically. They studied how to think logically through "the origin of moon".

Students are studying this topic now. They study many types of media and their points, especially think about social media (SNS).

In November, we will study "Attractive book review", "Japanese language form in many context", "Japanese poetry".
As you may know, the parents' morning  will be coming on 9th November.
I am planning to have a book review activity with their presentations.
So they will read a book which they chose, during mid-term break.
If you have available time, please join the their activity.

I appreciate for your cooperation.
If you have any concerns or question, please feel free to ask me.

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