Friday, October 14, 2016

JAL News Letter

Dear parents of Grade 9 JAL class,

First of all, please forgive me for not having introduced myself much earlier.
My name is Sonoko Shiratori, and I am in charge of  JAL class this school year.
I am happy as the students in this class have very positive learning attitude, and I hope that they will improve their language skills with fun and curiosity.

The students are divided into three groups depending on their Japanese skills.

Group 1 (one student) is learning Unit 14 of “Genki 2”, through which she has practiced how to express “possibilities” in various context.

Group 2 (two students) are learning Unit 1 of “Intermidiate Japanese”, where they are practicing various Japanese commonly used phrases with grammatical explanations. They are reading the selected Japanese text called ‘Is Radish a big root?’, which is originally for JNL grade 7 class.

Group 3 (two students) are learning with Japanese learning Web site called ‘Erin’s Challenge’, which encourage both of them to learn the language with lots of fun, even with plenty of listening and speaking exercises.

All the students have Kanji test every Monday.

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