Sunday, March 11, 2018

French term test

Do not forget to review the two lessons we studied this term.

The first one is about school subjetcts. Review and evaluate if :
- you can express what your favourite school subject is or is not
- you can tell what you are good at or not
- you can describe your feelings about school subjects and people around you
- you can memorize the days of the week
- you can understand and express what time it is
- you can tell what time a class starts, when the lunchtime is
- you can describe a school schedule

The second lesson is about food. Review and evaluate if:
- you can remember the vocabulary about breakfast
- you can remember the vocabulary about some dishes, desserts, drinks in a menu
- you can express what you like to eat or drink (or not)
- you can express what you eat or drink (or not), what you want or not
- you can order in a restaurant

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